Gen 192022

Segnaliamo questo evento che lancia un nuovo toolkit per l’inserimento dell’ocean Literacy nei programmi scolastici. 

L’evento è organizzato da IOC-UNESCO

Qui di seguito troverete il link per registrarsi che include anche l’agenda:


Ocean Literacy is a fundamental tool to enhance ocean knowledge and contribute to school curricula frameworks across the world! 📖

The inclusion of Ocean Literacy in the school curricula is a process that can be implemented in cooperation with governments, curriculum developers, education stakeholders and civil society reinforcing the need for sustainable behaviors towards the ocean.

Join us for the event launch of the publication “A new blue curriculum: A toolkit for policy-makers” and discover more!

Interpretation will be provided for the event in English, French, Spanish and Russian!

#OceanLiteracy #Education #SchoolCurriculum