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Progetto Fibonacci : incontri di formazione europei
inserito il: 03 agosto 2011


Nell'ambito del Progetto Fibonacci, sono stati organizzati training su
specifici aspetti dell'approccio basato sull'IBSME. I corsi sono organizzati
per gruppi limitati di formatori, docenti,scienziati interessati all'IBSME;
la lingua veicolare č l'inglese e si sviluppano da Settembre 2011 a Marzo
2012. E' possibile inoltrare richiesta di partecipazione anche se non si fa parte del network come partner.Ulteriori informazioni anche per la partecipazione sono reperibili sul
Anna Pascucci

1: Integrating inquiry across curricula
12 - 15 September 2011 Leicester, United Kingdom

To explore how to make effective links between science and different school curriculum areas in order to support learning in each subject, without losing the development of quality inquiry methods.
Contact: Ann Brant,, Tina Jarvis
Download TS1 Brochure and Booking Form here, fill it out and send it to Ann Brant.
2: Using the external environment of the school
10 –12 October 2011 Helsinki, Finland

Schools are more and more open to using their external environment to teach science. The main issue in this European Training Session will be to describe how to bridge the gap between informal and formal education. The Challenger addressed will be how to include IBSME-approach.
Contact: Hannu Salmi, Arja Kaasinen
Online registration form will be available from August 2011 on here.
3: Implementing and expanding a Reference Centre
28 – 30 November 2011 Berlin, Germany

The aim of this Training Session is to inform about the building blocks which are to be taken into account when starting or expanding a reference centre that wants to promote IBSME in schools.
Contact: Nese Ersoy, Petra Skiebe-Corrette
If you want to attend this training session please send an email to Nese Ersoy or a fax to +49 (30) 838 50 684.
4: Deepening the specificities of inquiry in natural sciences
21 – 23 March 2012 Paris, France

The main aim of this seminar will be to better define inquiry-based science teaching by exploring teaching and learning practices, and to disseminate strategies for its implementation and tools for its assessment.

Contact: Susana Borda
Download the TS5 Booking Form here, fill it out and send it back to Susana Borda.
These training sessions have been conceived taking into account the expertise of all Fibonacci centres and they cover all key aspects of IBSME. They will enable participants to exchange expertise on the topics and to converge towards common approaches and methodologies.
Each session is planned over 3 days, for sixty (60) participants from all E.U countries. The target group is mainly science educators and teacher trainers, project coordinators, etc. A special attention will be paid to the persons with the capacity to implement and disseminate IBSE in their respective countries or abroad. Participants can be internal or external to the Fibonacci project. All sessions will be delivered in English. Participants must therefore be proficient in this language. A catalogue containing the description of each course and the main information on the venue, contents, registration modalities and contacts is available on this website . The costs of stay and transport will have to be covered by each participant. No fee will be requested for registration. A full programme will be soon available for each of the sessions.

Contact for general information
Anne Lejeune
ENS / La main ŕ la pâte

1 rue Maurice Arnoux
92120 Montrouge, France
For details on each European training session, please contact the person in charge of the organising centre.

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